Awakening, The

19 Dec

I read the book by Kate Chopin by the same title. I’m not talking about that book. It was alright.

spiritually. My Awakening. I woke up one morning and it is like the goddess came to me in my dream. The image is burned in my head and indeed no more than two days no less than one day later I found the image and here she is:

This is the ancient Hindu symbol for the goddess.

Yesterday Morning I Woke Up and I remember as Clear as Daydream what They Night Crooned to My conciousness. My Dad Had Explained To Me The Function of


And Their real application in terms of probabilistic Epigenisis. How indeed the potter comes to look like the pot and al energy is transferred through all things. I had an object and I meditated on it in my dream. I faded out of the scene and my father, who is severely hearing impaired, played role of omniscient narrator. I saw the object leave my presence and interact with another object. I saw the object then appear in the same domain as my father, and although he could not see me and had no idea I had held that object in my hands no more than a dream minute earlier, he held it and called out to me. “See Emily, I know this object holds your essence because I can feel the energy of your conciousness, your vibrations, interlaced with its own.” Sense deprivation heightens other senses. My father is very, very good at identifying the proper noun attached to the motion through floorboards, the layout of the setting through the vibrations in the room, the place of the defender and basketball on the court, etc. He tried to give me this gift in my sleep and although I am not sure he knows that he was with me in my dream, this is a gift I take seriously and so it seems I have been contemplating the psychological realism of objects since.

This is how it might goes, this interaction of everything is everything is everything


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