I Hate American Apparel Advertising

27 Dec

Cute clothes; however, my increasing agitation with the (clothing factory/hipster haven?)may finally have reached a boiling point and see the second coming of the past facet of self I gave up to try on hypocracy cotour as an agent-for-apathy. Will American Apparel be what finally leads me back towards to activism I so safely clung to for far too long? I dunno. Mau just be…I care. Huh. This feeling again.

Here is my gripe: the more I come to respect myself, the less I can stomach these goddamn depictions of fragmented women, dehumanized (the body is never forward facing and in its entirety) and hyper sexualized , and I am sick of seeing images of myself (young, white women) defiling the integrity of what it means to be a woman for the rest of us.


One Response to “I Hate American Apparel Advertising”

  1. yes June 6, 2010 at 7:03 AM #

    I could not agree more! I like aa’s clothes but do not want to finance their ad campaigns and ethos which would be like giving money to promote rape, sexism, denigration of women

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