Coming Home: Bemused, Inebriated, Inspired to free write

1 Jan

Is balding a quantity or a quality?  Wave the white flag for peace, follow-up the question with a murmur, like a question on question suffix? Does the question have an answer at all? Call it rhetorical and burry my face behind a baracade of political correctness, not taking a stand for anything save questionably questioning everything to sum to nothing at all. Rhetoric stands stilted with nose in air giraffes on blocks of relativism. Relativism: irony, anyone? Perhaps paradox.

I loath “its all relative” as an argument. Each way you work the logic, its backwards. If the sum of two double negatives equals a positive in the case of illogic, illogic, sum logic, then this colloquial courtesy “its all relative” may fit into the arguable parameters of the parking lot outside of the logic office.

The assertion “its all relative” is an absolutism arguing the invalidity of all absolutisms.

Its all relative is relative in it of itself, itself subject to perspective on the basic premise as truth or null truth.

Happy New Year, Line Drawn with sun rays like giant side walk chalk marks on black asphalt on the hopscotched concrete square. Arbitrary at best but damned if I question why today and not lunar version of today or tomorrow or on my birthday or every dog has its day. I just don’t believe that time works this way we bending it but either my suspicion or the way of the world are bound to bounce back someday. Balding man….bald.


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