Windows & Shadows

7 Jan

In this world of windows, shadows wane like lunar clockwork; in this world of shadows, windows wax in dawn.

In this world of windows and shadows there exists white shade:  its absence determines the property of  translucence, and the intensity of its presence  resolves nothingness into pixels of opacity, objectifying free form at high noon to a presence of opaque shapes.

In this world of windows and shadows, human subjects are merely waking objects, where the former are understood as commodity with life-spans like class-based planned obsolescence, and the latter are psychologically real. Subject objectivity and object subjectivity counter-balance one another in a man made mechanical food chain, always rumbling as it churns like a cement truck: commodity fueling consumer, consumer fueling commodity, a cycle with a centrifuge that serves to accrue similarities between the two: in this world of windows and shadows, one is what one eats all the same. Uncomfortable with the phenomenon at hand, distinguish the difference between consumer and commodity the more similar the two entities become.

In this world of windows and shadows shines dark stars, dusting a dissolution of acuity beneath filament power beams.

In this world of windows and shadows, osmosis is evidence of quantum physics, and metaphysical laws of expect the unexpected govern observations of naturalism.

In this world of windows and shadows, time is a visible entity, inextricably tied to the moving water and the momentum of wind. Wise women and men have cultivated an occult reverence for places in nature where time sits as still as pond water. The presence of time-space stagnancy illuminates the present. Enlightened beings, in this world of windows and shadows, seek refuge in spots of stagnancy; so the theory goes, the escape from temporal simultaneity molds minds to morph towards being in the present perspective. Ceasing to exist in future and past projections and ruminations, such meditative quandaries predisposes revelations of interconnectivity.

In this world of windows and shadows, pseudo-science reigns supreme from hill top folk, fooled by the rushing winds blowing the hand of time to fast to catch like perpetually existing in moments of fading memory. Always distracted, too frustrated to relish any one moment or fleeting emotion, and yet too proud to relinquish attempts at elemental control, the hill people spend life like mice on wheels, always running, chasing the ever-diminishing illusive reward of production. The scientific consensus of truth is determined by isolating one effective reaction from a causal action, calling the connection theory of nature. Every morning the birds chirp loudly above the hills, laughing at the narrow perspective of the strange fleshy creatures below, patting their own backs at misled innovation, and unable to see the panoramic chain of resounding effects spread like sound waves our of earshot. Pseudo-science is the practice of delusions of omnipotence and self-centric perspectives: and the wheel spins round, propelled by the consensus of insanity.

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