Vedic Astrology

26 Jan

Your Moon Sign is Cancer
The Moon is ruled by Caner and is in its own house when positioned in this sign, which is extremely favorable and showers you with benefits. This combination makes you very sensitive, perceptive, emotionally responsible, kind, affectionate and loving. You will have a tendency to be a mother to all, be forgiving, humane and full of piety. You will have very deep ties to family and will be able to deal with family and emotional problems better than most. In addition you will be very wise and intuitive — sometimes to the point of being psychic

A Moon in Cancer also gives you great emotional strength, as well as a spotless character. Truth, honesty and passion are also part of this combination. Spirituality, as well as inclination to strong religious beliefs, is found in this combination of stars. You are assured prosperity and will always live in comfort and may enjoy driving luxurious cars throughout your life. In addition, you will also have a tendency to economize and be prudent in your spending.

You will fare well in the arena of love of romance where fidelity and romantic bliss is unquestioned. However, you need to be on the constant lookout for becoming a victim or being too submissive to loved ones. Men of this combination may often be too easily influenced by the women in their lives. You may also become guilty of becoming too possessive, or smothering your loved ones. In addition, you may have a need for constant approval, too susceptible to other’s troubles, go though emotional ups and downs and suffer from anxiety attacks.

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