The Mayan Spatialization of Time

30 Jan

One of the only blogs I read regularly, The Toltec Ching Blog, archived a post titled “Inner Activism.” Clicked. Read. Hooked. Below is a link to the article, and the paragraph that took my breath away:

It will seem strange to some to think of a stone as a sacred person. But then again, have they ever thought of themselves as a sacred person? They may know that indigenous people ask the plant for permission to take its leaves or ask the stone for permission to carve it but do they understand that the plant or stone are being treated as a sacred person? One thing we can see as utter fact is the equality with which the universe treats all things: the eagle may take the hare, but it dies touching the high-voltage wires around its nest, dooming the rabbits offspring as well as its own. Any hierarchy we imagine to exist is leveled by death and accident. The electrons making up my body come from stone and tree and sun and stars and, when this body disintegrates, its electrons will fly off into billions of directions to help constitute other persons, many of whom will not be human beings. The webwork of subatomic particles forming the space-time continuum has no “holes”. It is simply one unbroken interwoven Livingness of Space.


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