Mercurian Mole Hole: Streaming Consciousness

5 Feb

Removing One Rule: Falling through the One Reflexive Exception

Stream of Consciousness Unravel~Unraveling God from Within

Benign lifestyle, malignant emptiness,

Synthetic buzzing, hiding somewhere inside away from

jibber-jabber static, jargon and lexicons, canonical  flowing

of cliche liturgy and invested surface  value, shiny lives

wrapped in plastic, impermeable save toxic transmission

where those who communicate carelessly  put into the air

recycled pollution: pity, jealousy, vengeance, prejudice and exploitation.

One is Who I Am.

One is Where  Am I?

One resides in calm clarity, stripped of defensive creature fear and desperation,

One haunts attics and basement and cemeteries, rising from ashes and dust,

the mortar sealing and obscuring boxes of boxed memories and sedimentary heirlooms.

One is Where I Am.

One For All.

Who is the only true constant,

mylination like mercury blurring of velocity and vectors,

distance in space and distance in time, and integrating interconnected network, threading existence into a self-fulfilling spinning consciousness ,

expanding and self-sustaining spherical ball of yarn, one.

All For One.

One Pregnancy, One Prototype?

One is everywhere at once and nowhere at all.

One is misunderstood, never hiding & rarely found like

marred treasure buried in the attic,  oxymoron in a paradox,

neither counter-intuitive nor intuitive.

One Lost Looks to Find One and Soon Is One Found.

Believing is Seeing.

Memorabilia masked in dusted mothballs

stuffed in spaces below and spaces above everyday living.

Once upon an eye sore resurfaces to meet a new cast of family with wide open surprise: tears like change in time and space and surpass sore eyes wide shut,

hypervigilant yet never aware.

One Perpetual Pregnancy, One Birthing Life Cycles,

One Within One, One Within Each  One.

Where Does One Begin and End?

One Shape and Form?

One Matter and Mass?

One Materializing Movement in One Direction?

Invisible One, Intangible One, Undefinable, Unclassified, One:

Formless Shape: too small to sense, too big to fathom;

Massless Matter: The effervescent relief of weight and evaopation of volume.

Moving Material  In All Direction: Spiraling Ellipses of past, present and future,

tapestry of timeless space.

Infinite like figure eight, there is no escape:

One Begins Where One Ends.

One is revealed from above collapsed hallow bodies and concave bowls,

sounding  ominous and who stirs synergy into vacuous air,.

One inclination of umbilical union between sentient and being

before the  synaptic severing cut similarities into mosaic differences,

dead weight: dendrite branches decay as material  without crystal consciousness.

Dead  like fragile , fallen leaves crunching under careless click clack crushing heels.

One presence can never be compared through sensory observation,

Omnipresence: eternal existence within and between one feeling.

One lovely, lovely feeling.



5 Responses to “Mercurian Mole Hole: Streaming Consciousness”

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