ENGL 304 Poem #2

15 Feb

ENGL 304 Memory Poem #2

Five Year Old

I kissed the western wall of my first bedroom

the day Mom told me we were moving away.

My womb outside of the womb, moving

my world inside of the world, away.

My imagination, my playground, my lost and my found:

moving away from home, a faint and fading memory.

The plaster pigment absorbed my pressing lips against its face,

pulling the overripe scarlet color off my mouth.

Two semi-circles separated into familiar lines

Drawing my smile, smiling at me,

Smiling at me.

I sat beneath the sun-kissed surface of the wall

set between copper door hinges and The Wizard of Oz poster

that sounded aloud, my mother’s voice, breezed in through the open

window and wrapped its familiar phrase around me:

Everything I need to know I learned from the Wizard of Oz.

The sound of fury shook my sanctuary

when my mother stormed inside and saw the fresh stain,

red as crime lips scraping the surface of a showcase wall.

Charged and convicted of vandalism,

I sat in time out turned towards the blank face of a lipless wall

as my mother drenched my first metaphor in Windex

wiping my kiss away until the wall was empty of me

and as good as new: pristine, presentable and for sale.


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