Story Tells Primate

16 Feb

Actions speak the story of intentions.

Intensity of intention faces the history of civilization, fragmentation, and categorization as temperamental obstacles obscuring The Way in life’s illusory labyrinth. Ancient wisdom is true to wisdom today. Despite advances in tools and centuries of copulated (yes, I said what I meant) sedimentary knowledge, ancient wisdom still acts as a compass rose, or a force of attraction between the socialized, auto-domesticated human and human intuition.  The universal stories of symbols and archetypes stay true to human condition and assist spiritual alchemy in knowledge of self, knowledge of one, one interconnected, one universal.

Humans are the storytelling primate. Stories are enacted through recitation of memory. Cellular memory, muscle memory, collective unconscious, identity, it’s all the same: actions story-tell intentions at a velocity determined in part by resilience, reliability and validity, where ones purpose is interpreted often through the least squares regression line—-residuals, residuals, residuals.

One Response to “Story Tells Primate”

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