Words like Tic Toc Timework

17 Feb

Conch shell shaped ash tray on blind man's desk breeds infinity.

Rung after rung after rung, chasing a feeling of resonation, reverberating closer to what feels like truth on a journey with no destination, an adventure for the sake of the process of getting lost in thought, and bringing self closer to knowledge of self, a reservoir without bounds.
tic n
1.         a sudden involuntary spasmodic muscular contraction, especially of facial, neck, or shoulder muscles, which may become more pronounced when somebody is stressed
2.         a distinctive behavioral trait or quirk
tic dou·lou·reux n
See trigeminal neuralgia
tick1 n
1.         a slight quiet recurring clicking sound, especially one made by a clock or watch.
See also tock
2.         an increment on a scale, especially the smallest amount by which a security may rise or fall in a stock or bond market
3.         U.K. a very short time (informal)
4.         U.K. See check n. 8
1.         vi to make a slight quiet recurring clicking sound
2.         vi to make a clicking sound while registering the progressive increase of a taxi fare
3.         vt to put a mark, check, or electronic signal beside an item as a record or reminder
4.         vi to function well or in the specified way (informal)
tick3 n
the cloth case or covering that is filled with cotton, feathers, or other materials to form a pillow or mattress
.tick away or tick by vi
to pass or elapse at a steady pace (refers to time)
tick·er n
1.         somebody’s heart (informal)
2.         an electronic device that displays the prices of securities, formerly a telegraphic receiving instrument that automatically printed stock quotations on ticker tape.
Also called ticker-tape machine
U.K. term tape machine
3.         a small portable timepiece (dated informal)
tick·er tape n
formerly, a continuous paper ribbon on which a ticker automatically printed stock quotations
tick·le v
1.         vt to touch, prod, stroke, or caress lightly a sensitive part of somebody’s body, usually so as to produce involuntary laughter and wriggling
2.         vti to cause an itchy or scratchy feeling by lightly touching a sensitive part of the body
3.         vt to make somebody pleased, or appeal to somebody’s sense of humor (often passive)
1.         a light touch, prod, stroke, or caress applied to a sensitive part of somebody’s body, usually so as to produce involuntary laughter and wriggling
2.         an itchy or scratchy feeling caused when a sensitive part of the body is touched lightly by something, especially material
tick·ler coil n
a small coil connected in series with a radio vacuum tube’s plate circuit and inductively coupled to a coil located in a grid circuit to provide regenerative feedback.
Also called tickler
at·mos·phere n
1.         the mixture of gases that surrounds a celestial body such as the Earth
2.         the air or climate in a given place
3.         a prevailing emotional tone or attitude, especially one associated with a specific place or time
4.         the prevailing tone or mood of a work of art
5.         an interesting or exciting mood existing in a particular place
6.         a unit of pressure defined as the pressure that will support a 760 mm column of mercury at 0°C at sea level, equal to 1.01325 x 10 5 newtons per square meter.
Also called standard atmosphere
at·man n
in Hinduism, the essence of an individual
atmo- prefix
gas, vapor
at·mos·pher·ics n
the study of electromagnetic radiation emanating from natural sources in the atmosphere (takes a singular verb)
npl (takes a plural verb)
1.         static on a radio or flickering white spots (snow) on a television screen caused by electromagnetic radiation from natural sources in the atmosphere.
Also called sferics
2.         the mood or atmosphere suffusing a situation, group, or place
a·toll n
a ring-shaped coral reef and small island, enclosing a lagoon and surrounded by open sea (often used in placenames)
tick·tock n
the clicking sound made by a clock or watch
to make a quiet recurring clicking sound (refers to a timepiece)
1.         relating to or affected by tides
2.         having a time of departure dependent on the phase of a tide
3.         changing in character or accessibility according to the level of the tide
4.         not constant but fluctuating between periods of intense activity and periods of little activity

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