24 Feb

Black Night

Wind bites, cars whimper, sputter, growl, steam anger traffic, red, yellow, screech, corner.

Black Night.

White wall.

One gradient of cinder and smoke.

Silken silhouette sulks behind a corner that doesn’t exist from a man casting and creating

one sunken man lacerating strength from a quivering shadow he’s cast and creating and punishing,

Peek around

duck around

a corner created and cast by cinder and smoke and mirrors.

intensity sweating and mercurial magma leaks viscous anger

arm of god so full of disgust and hatred won’t hold straight

trashes accusation aloud at the same shadow and arm around the corner

stark black night white wall divide, fingertips meet where form becomes shape

quivering at the meat and filth not even flesh.

“nigga, get over there, never show yo face again, mother fucker I hate you.”


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