Russian Literature, Quixotic and Clever Cunning

24 Feb

The question I awoke wondering: My intuition guides me, so then, what swelling and pulsating knowledge pushes and pulls the nature and direction of my intuition?
The first question that struck me while studying for a midterm in modern Russian art (to be examined in T minus too soon): What is it about the Russian language that is distinct and bold, artistic and concise, so perfectly fitting for discussing the cosmos, so pregnant with potential through words, inherently clumsy, to engineer a blueprint to break through the next beyond the horizon?
This question has no definite answer, and this search is a fledgling in its nubile awakening, but better to try than not at all. The following struck me relevant (below string of words), representing to me the way in which the Russian language emphasizes abscense equal to presence, where translucency between the two is not only possible its perceivable, and spoken of.
nu·ance (näns, ny-, n-äns, ny-) n.
  • 1. A subtle or slight degree of difference, as in meaning, feeling, or tone; a gradation.
  • 2. Expression or appreciation of subtle shades of meaning, feeling, or tone: a rich artistic performance, full of nuance.
  • [French, from Old French, from nuer, to shade, cloud, from nue, cloud, from Vulgar Latin *nba, from Latin nbs.]
nuanced adj.
  • Synonyms: nuance, gradation, shade
  • These nouns denote a slight variation or differentiation between nearly identical entities: sensitive to delicate nuances of style; gradations of feeling from infatuation to deep affection; subtle shades of meaning.
nuance [njuːˈɑːns ˈnjuːɑːns] n:
  • a subtle difference in colour, meaning, tone, etc.; a shade or graduation. vb (tr; passive). to give subtle differences to carefully nuanced words.
  • [from French, from nuer to show light and shade, ultimately from Latin nūbēs a cloud]

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