2 Mar

(Note: Below is a Word Document that I created one year ago today. Same Quest, Quantum Questions.)


a) a representation of each archetype embracing an image/ symbol of me

b) all archetypes coalesce into a composite image


*’Shakti’ means life energy. The Bhagavad Gita says, “Without Shakti, Shiva is nothing.”

*The Sacred Feminine is seen as many things…:

Changing one,

She who denotes life death and rebirth.

She is fertile, Fecund one who ruts in the fields,

She is the Terrible one who devours and destroys,

She is the Loving arms and Nurturing breasts

And the sacred Yoni, the Transformative one.


The Sacred Feminine

Bright Mother:

Conceives, births, and sustains life;

Encourages and empowers creativity;

Encourages independence and individuation;

Intuitively knows in her body being the cycles/seasons of birth, life, & death.

Shadow Mother:

Her own mother-wound is unhealed;

Has not individuated/separated from her mother;

Merged with her mother’s negativity/toxicity;

Clings to what is dying/decaying, doesn’t let go;

Can not nurture life due to her own wounds;

Cuts off emotionally instead of separating in a healthy way.

Bright Amazon:

Knows how to accomplish things in the world;

Serves Truth not ego, no matter what the cost to her ego;

Faces her fears directly and embraces her shadow, is committed to her inner work, growth;

Faces others’ shadow  & negativity with courage, heart & skillful means;

Can say “No” and “Yes” appropriately & clearly;

Keeps agreements and commitments with self and others,  is faithful, reliable & on time;

Stands up for and protects her inner child;

Can plan, strategize, make decisions & take right action that serves highest Truth not ego;

Not a victim – owns responsibility & actions.

Shadow Amazon:

Lives & acts from fear rather than love;

Overly controlled, rigid, defensive, abusive;

Sees herself as a victim, cannot stand up for her own inner child or her own heart;

Can be masochistic & self-effacing;

Aggressive – abusive – pushy – disrespectful;

Unable to plan, decide, carry action through to completion – gives up/collapses;

Cultivates confrontation, provocative.

Bright Lover:

Loves to love, merge, connect, relate – seeks relatedness, inter-dependence, real contact;

Spontaneous, playful, childlike;

Sensual, sexual, erotic, embodied, shame-less;

Values and enjoys emotion;

Loves & creates dance, art, music, poetry;

Lover and Creatrix of beauty, clothes, home, gardens, ambience – lives life as art;

Seeks communion with all of life;

Devotional, reverent, romantic, ecstatic;

Deep longing for the mystical experience & ecstasy;

Heart-full, forgiving, empathetic, caring, compassionate, relational.

Shadow Lover:

Not embodied, doesn’t care for body/health;

Unhealthy boundaries with people, food, substances;

Addictions – compulsive behaviors: eating, smoking, gambling,

Feels a lot of shame, guilt, self-hate;

Cut off sexually, sensually – puritanical;

Sexually kinky – uses sex to replace love or fill emptiness;

Unable to love or be vulnerable – cold or hostile;

Dependent and/or co-dependent – counter-dependent;

Denies needs, wants, feelings, intimacy, contact;

Idealizes others & denigrates self, feels unworthy;

Fears abandonment, loss of love;

Self-sacrificing, self-depriving, self-denying;

Shut down or cut off emotionally or physically, numb;

Giving or receiving are difficult if not impossible;

Full of negative emotions – feels like a victim of life.

Bright Mystic/Medial:

Loves the Unknown, willing to not know, willing to be willing;

Midwifes ideas, images, information, guidance from other dimensions;

Imaginative, loves knowledge & is strongly intuitive;

Walks the border between the physical manifest reality and other dimensions of reality – she moves between dimensions;

Spiritual teacher, priestess, healer, ritual maker, shamaness, teacher, poet, dreamer, artist, crone, scientist, alchemist, witch, psychotherapist;

Seeks and values knowledge, education, wisdom;

Has found her own internal spiritual authority;

Grounded, embodied, earth-connected;

Transformer, transmuter, midwife of the magical;

Knows spiritual power comes through her, isn’t hers, and uses it non-egoically with integrity, consciousness, & surrender;

Seeks power, healing and knowledge for the good of her community, not for self-aggrandizement.

Shadow Medial/Mystic:

Fears or refuses to answer the call to serve or use spiritual gifts to serve others – may become mentally or physically ill as a result;

Lives up in the ethers, denies body & embodiment;

Ungrounded, spacey, psychotic, borderline, chaotic;

Detached, cold, uncaring, calculating;

Does not do her own inner work, lives unconsciously;

Feels no connection to any spiritual life or higher presence,

Composite images or mothers hugging me.


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