7 Mar

Therefore I am Always Falling. Listen: anticipation awaits for a fury or fluxes, lingering lullaby, lull iiiii, lull aeccce, lulll aummm iiiiiii. Shy and silent, sound swells and muffled echos of absence like the detoxification of recycled air.

Shih. Blushing brushing newborn baby noble pink-so pink: an epithet of truth.

Always Falling, slippery: tumbling tenacious and unaware like leaves dancing wild and honest exposed enchanting dance of tornado winds. An undulating ellipses. Swift sweeping, splintering itself from selflessness, one fiber of being brilliant eternal soul from the imagined face of the dark side whispers, the reality of the 4th dimension’s moon shadow;

The peace of the moment of silence unwritten between letters and words, unspoken between morphemes and utterances;

Split splicing air undressing the soft natural beauty in unconscious asleep  resting city, tucked inside a haze of street lamp and fluorescence in sky fill illumination until the eyes no longer see the vanishing horizon, where abyss in her humility triumphs humble as triumph should be. No space left unfilled in landfill life: we rivet jigsaw machinery of night from the silk screen backdrop.

And the less I seek my source for some definitive,

the closer I am to fine.

Dawn Dusted Twlight: sulken & silken in introspection.

One Response to “Catch Me If I Think -STREAM OF CONSCIENCE-”

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