13 Mar


  1. noun, a sudden or unpredictable change of attitude, behaviour, etc; whim
  2. noun, a tendency to such changes
  3. noun, another word for capriccio


  • C17: from French, from Italian capriccio a shiver, caprice, from capo head + riccio hedgehog, suggesting a convulsive shudder in which the hair stood on end like a hedgehog’s spines; meaning also influenced by Italian capra goat, by folk etymology
  1. noun, music a lively piece composed freely and without adhering to the rules for any specific musical form
  • Etymology C17: from Italian: caprice

Related Words: Synonyms:

  • fancy, whim, notion, impulse, freak, fad, quirk, vagary, whimsy, humour, fickle, fitful, changeable


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