Tagging the Production of Culture

15 Mar

Quick–divert your eyes. Look up.

Do you see  the vice gripping the voice you express? Freedom of speech arguments assert the freedom for content and unadulterated, unregulated word choice–the content.

Open content is one form of freedom. There is no denying the importance of freedom of speech so far as content is concerned. However, the structure and function surrounding the content defines and determines how loudly and lasting expression of content, free as free can achieve, will ring.

Mediated Horizontal Mode of Communication.

Familiarize yourself with the term because this concept creates the carvernous walls insulating the free expression with inward echos: ringing, rung, hung in the air, faint and fading, whispering, stagnant, silent, feeble, falling and flattened intonation, dead. Fin.

One must know the limitation to cross the limitation into the new frontier. What is beyond the horizon is dependent upon our consciousness as one mind. Branch out, dance and sing: today is only as free as the conscious inertia we enacted yesterday.

The following list are the global tags, conglomerates of topics relevant the present as the present passes and future finds itself here once again:

Music News Life Politics Photography Art Travel Food EventsPoetry Fashion Family Personal Writing Movies Entertainment Books Video Videos LoveThoughts Random Religion Culture Media Photos Technology Reviews Education Recipes Health SportsRogers park Blog Film Inspiration History Humor Business Friends Design People Social Media Home ChristianityPhilosophy Faith Articles Science Economy Nature Relationships Work 60626 School Review Marketing BloggingGovernment 49th Ward Updates Musings Television Journal Misc Announcements Reflections Miscellaneous Cooking EnvironmentSpirituality TV Fine Art Current Events Photo Quotes Women God Poems Russian Fun Fiction Community Opinion 2010 Internet AllRogers Park Chamber of Commerce Research Other Economics Health Care Pictures] Human Rights Rants Commentary IslamArchitecture Random Thoughts Animals Beauty Lifestyle Leadership Games Stories USA Ramblings Comedy Parenting Literature Diary IndiaMy Life Style Corruption China Photo Galleries Europe Quest Network Services Society Church Children Shopping Theology Israel RunningAmerica Nutrition Book Reviews Spiritual Real Estate Me Projects Links Funny Obama Sex Kids Linux Journalism Event Sport Interviews JapanJustice Software Training Daily life Celebrities English


5 Responses to “Tagging the Production of Culture”

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