Scilent Intensity [Purling Consciousness Free Write]

10 Jul

Idea like thunder cracks somewhere is the distant timeless depths of everything known before before birth and afterdeath. I feel the reverberation of the idea sounding, I recognize it, and this writing is unraveling itself seeking the clairty and illumination of a bolt of lightning. Here goes something:

Man’s Land and God’s Land. A land of intention and will and a land of inscrutable design. In Notes From the Underground, Fyodor Dovstoevsky writes: “…Petersburg is the most intentional of cities–there are intentional and unintentional cities, you know.” This sentence struck me from the first time I came across it because it introduces the idea of intention to land, anthropomorphizing or dehumanizing whichever way the dice rolls. Carl Jung reflects on his travel experiences in Africa in Memories, Dreams, Reflections, sharing that an old man sat down by him and said, loosely as this is a paraphrase: Some advice for you, as you’ve never been to this part of Africa [Uganda] and I’ve lived here forty years. If you’re ever in trouble, do nothing. This is God’s land, not man’s land.

She who gave birth to life, he who breaths life into every one, the creator: it is said from the infinitesimal to the infinite, our design is made in his own image. We are weights and balances integrated and synthesized into the organic universal whole, that inscrutable design. Intention and Will are words where man becomes the creator moving stones and making waves in the respective man-made world. There is regiment and order and multiple astral planes (after all, upward mobility, classes and castes aren’t themselves a natural infrastructure, for they go far beyond the balance of food chain.)

Then, when where and why are intention and will favorable or moral, if the balance and motion of all is part of an infinite balance and design, the justice of which we are conscious in this life far too briefly to experience. If we are all inside of tentacles of jellyfish or attached to strings and just balls of a pendulum, perhaps intention and will are proper when motions are made from the force of internal propulsion, rather than pulling another to rearrange ones own position.

Back to my book, I was overcome with a manic urge to write my thoughts and hopped out of bed after reading the sentence about God’s land stated above. I do know about geni’s, I think the romans called them daemons, they were personal creativity spirits that invoked individuals whom were instrumental to expressing the sound of the possessing spirit. People were tools for a collective creative coalition of spirits and song cries like rolls of thunder. Yet another example of a way in which the world has individualized and privatized the intellectual and creative property of common meaning.


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