Scribble on a Walk

17 Jul

I took two walks today. Today feels like two days. I’m reminded of the childhood treasured book title, Walk Two Moons. The sunset stroll I attribute to cognitive dissonance: the human psyche attempts to maintain a balance and alignment amongst one’s affect, behavior and cognitions. Racing thoughts swung my body and behavior into motion and lucky I caught the thought before it escaped me.

Transcript text I sent to myself on a walk under the blood-shot sun stained sky:

“Memory and consciousness are a sandy desert. Aware of our ability to perceive, observations leave footprints over the ever-expansive sandscape sieve. Perspective and personality shape the quality and quantity of prints. Cycles and patterns are objectively existent. We perceive, remember and project categorical tick marks on the universal flowering. Our gaze superimposes a 4th dimension, subjectively existent and relative to perception; we call it time and time exists because of us and is within us. There is a structure in the human brain that functions specifically to detect and differentiate cartoons. What are cartoons if not outlines around reality?”


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