Thymus: The Brain’s Positive Alchemist

25 Jul

My grandmother forced a manicure upon my hands. I paint, and argued until the critical moment that my nails were bound to be painted over with acrylic colors before sunset. We compromised, and I had a pedicure instead. I feel uncomfortable having someone else do a task that I am capable of doing myself, sitting in a massage chairs at least two feet higher than the squatting pedicurist, and flipping though any title of vanity magazines while she cuts the cuticle off my toes. But I cannot say that I don’t enjoy the sensation of massage and foot bath. When the pedicurist was massaging my feet, there was one point that caught my attention when she applied pressure my entire body exhaled with relief and dopamine sensation of pleasure shot off releasing stress from behind my ears down unto the hinge of my jaws. When I returned home, I looked up a foot reflexology chart to see the correlate organ or body part to that particular shot on my foot. My discovery: the thymus. I then looked up the thymus, and it all makes sense. Moreover, a week ago I had a dream highly related to the thymus upon reflection, where I was two butterflies (the thymus’ shape). The link to the dream journal entry post is below, and a synopsis of the thymus is posted as well:

Dream Journal Free Write Post: Out of Eye, Two Butterflies


  • SYSTEM: Lymphatic (Exocrine)
  • CATEGORY: Gland
  • NUMBER: Two lobes (see Thymus title page)
  • SHAPE: Butterfly shaped (see thymus title page) soft pinkish-grey
  • SIZE: The size decreases with age. The medium size is approx. 1 oz.
  • LOCATION: A child’s thymus is up higher and as they mature it settles approx. 1 1/2 inches below where the clavicle bones meet (at the base of the neck) and end in the center of the chest between the lungs.
  • FUNCTION: Maturing. Changes negative vibration of chemical. Produces thymosin (which stimulates the maturing of lymphocytes into T-Cells), Produces Thymopeitin.
  • IRIDOLOGY: Left eye at 3:10 to 3:25 touching the autonomic nerve wreath. However since the gland is located on both sides of the body, it seems that it should be registered in both eyes.(see page thymus -7).
  • REFLEXOLOGY: Both feet right above the arch (where bunions sometimes develop) (see page thymus-8)
  • HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION: A positive outlook.
  • DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH: Life without love, too much restraint and negative thinking. The AIDS Virus progression is measured by T-Cell count.

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