Dream Symbols

8 Aug

Why do you have nightmares! A typical response to sharing simply that I had a nightmare. From my perspective, as the person who has nightmares, my natural line of conscious questioning rarely stumbles upon why do I have nightmares.

Usually, I contemplate what the symbols and situation in the nightmare mean, their significance, relevance and meaning in my life, and then sometimes so follow the questions: why do nightmares have me? Nightmares are not the effect of a cause that I am aware of enough to reply and make sense of; I am subjected to the nightmares, or else there would be no creature fear involved, and the nightmare comes to me, and takes me over.

Dream in general seem to function more like catalysts towards realization or self exploration, revealing bit and pieces of self during sleep, the most unguarded of states. Last night, the symbols in my dreams were of the archetypical magnitude. Below are the results of my searching for what these symbols  tend to mean:

To see a pigeon in your dream, suggests that you are taking the blame for the actions of others. Pigeons also represent gossip or news. Perhaps the pigeon refers to a message from your unconscious. Alternatively, the dream may be expressing a desire to return home.

  • Carl Jung said that birds represent thoughts while birds in flight symbolize moving and changing thoughts. Birds are generally associated with freedom and abandon. To dream of dead or dying birds, indicates disappointments. You will find yourself worrying over problems that are constantly on your mind.


To see a salmon in your dream, represents determination, strength, and wisdom. You are able to overcome adversity and achieve success. Alternatively, a salamander suggests that you are comfortable with expressing and dealing with your emotions. You are well balanced.

  • {1} A fish is a common symbol of fertility, which in psychological terms means (a promise of) personal growth.
  • {2} If the fish is in the sea, the sea may symbolize the unconscious, the fish unconscious urges (over-eating, etc.)
  • {3} According to Jung, fish, being cold blooded and primitive creatures, may symbolize a deep level of unconsciousness.
  • {4} “Fishes and snakes are favourite symbols for describing psychic happenings or experiences that suddenly dart out of the unconscious and have a frightening or redeeming effect” (Jung).
  • {5} They may also, says Jung, represent libido or greed.
  • {6} A fish is a symbol of Christ and may therefore function psychologically as a symbol of your true self.

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