Make Say Do Think [free write]

15 Sep

Consequence exists because of Time. Time without consequence is a vapid, material based reality, but it is only that–a reality, unsubstantiated by roots in the stuff of real substance. However, although consequences exist only within the context of time like two arrows spinning around the face of a clock, the quality of consequences unbind time’s parameters and supersede the tensed system entirely.

The quality and function of consequence, thus, is paradoxical. Time twists two arrows of consequence into a cross stitch, splitting the purest form of the concept like a prism to white light. We live within the realm of time, and encounter the shattered glass reflections of broken consequences, carrying on and on and on from the moment mind moved matter and made motion with intention. Intentions matter. Intentions are the fundamental magnets of moralities compass rose. Intentions are the basis of the American judicial system. Why? Because the consequences on one true intention are forever. Stretching out simultaneously into the future and the past, consequences carry on through in all directions, in all tenses, defeating a moment and the notion of time’s passage. Once motioned into this world, consequences travel time like musical notes dancing on a rubber acordian.


3 Responses to “Make Say Do Think [free write]”

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