Dream Journal Free Write

25 Oct

Wide-eyed and surprised, I must have cried a well within the context of my dream because…(auto-draft didn’t save and internet connection lost so the middle chunk of my stream of consciousness dream is lost and I must go to math. Only the ending survived, thus–)…

One of my mother’s sisters asked her what was wrong. I looked at my mom. On the outside she was a jack-o-lantern She opened up a latch on her chest/body I had never noticed and inside she was a Mango. A mango! Her insides were carved out and the gunk was seedless and looked like the inside of a well-gutted pumpkin, except the lining was mango. She had a birdcage for a ribcage. There was no heart inside. My mother had no heart.

My friend Sarah told me she had her colors read with her mom a few days ago. She was a mango.

A strange arrangement, indeed.


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