Wonder why they call ya bitch, I betcha.

27 Oct

Bitch is a loaded gun. I looked up its origin and it comes from Female beast. A pretty common bit of etymology. I resent the comparison, truthfully. I loathe to use the word as a gendered (feminine) adjective. A bitch in heat is a female animal tool. Man’s possessions need a larger tool belt. A bitch obeys or is a disobedient bitch. That’s how you know who the word is truly serving, and in essence if the word is still relevant and used, who its presence and continued purpose it really reflects…

Which puts me in a bind. because people around are hollow. Integrity with more holes than a sieve. Boring and self-centered. Self centered on surface. Saying nothing and continuously seeping out a tweet or chat or sms or sos god held me i do not know why they are ‘chatting’ when they say nothing.

Not bitches. Bitches serve a purpose. These ladies create a drama from a surface shadowbox reality based on nothing real and develop a sense of self worth by making others feel small and for assests they’ll have lost by the time they’re 55 years old. Beauty doesn’t talk behind the back of another sister. Sisterhood means together. How bored are you to make conflict when it doesn’t exist. How low is your self esteem to seek that attention? I dont care. I will be that puppet. What. ever. point and laugh. I dont and i cant care. through my eye your true colors are shining on through and your behavior is reflects you in your worst light rather than making me feel bad about myself. Which clearly, is embedded in your intentions. Not a bitch. A brat and a baby.


3 Responses to “Wonder why they call ya bitch, I betcha.”

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