Dream Journal AM Free Write

10 Nov

we were super heros.

and not ordinary kind

of heros either–typical.

the understated super heroes.

the type that gains admiration

from family and friends

being who they are

in action and inaction–

and are given a name

role model

and live entire lives

without introducing

their presence or essence as such.

We were traveling to Africa for a wedding.

my friend was marrying

and his bride had cold feet.

my girl friend was there too

and we pulled the bride we had never met aside:

“we are good people to talk to, but we are better listeners.”

The bride cried and confided

and returned to the reception.

Your dad was there

I’ve never met him but I knew he was your dad despite a mismatch to the physical description you’ve portrayed him as.

his personhood. it was so much like yours.

There was a washing machine inside of a greenhouse. The washing machines were shaped like limousine shaped machines set up inside of a dirt pit dug for irrigation.

I watched a local woman load her laundry with curious eyes wide and focused attenuation: two full moons. There was a one water function that sprayed a jet setting into what would be the overhead hood and carried of the mobile. The Woman threw her sheets and towels into this turbine as soap leap out and the steam of the hot water filled with room, and I could breathe again. Inside of the mobile, the woman threw her  family’s clothing. Fascinating. Your father pulled me aside and asked why I was watching. I told him I was curious because I’d never seen laundry done like this and I wanted to learn how it works. That’s when he kissed my cheek.

And at that point, we left for the wedding.

There was an old television with a cd player. The wedding music had broken. My friend the groom pulled out a cd I made for him over the summer and frisbee tossed it towards me. I out it in. The music began. Ice Cube, today was a good day. And the wedding began.

We were super heroes.

the type that heals

the love of others

through traveling through

and through their spaces

and bringing our honesty and fun

loving ear and heart of loving and listening.


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