Terrenchal Downpour Over Los Angeles [free write]

19 Dec

I know the rain. In Los Angeles, the rain comes in the form of storms, buckets of water drenching the air and hitting  the grisly, dismal and grease stained gray of gravel and pavement with the violent smack of pelts on the river.

The rain today is particularly intent on falling. Determined and persistent this storm is relentless and there is something about this storm that makes me wonder. Curious and curiouser.

It feels as if the sky is a sieve with a valve and when the holes open there is an oceanic wealth of water to gush with the force of propulsion through the holes. The bodies of water that evaporate to refill the fallen supply of sky water are similar to a pot on a stove. Boiling, percolating, steaming, releasing, re-start.

Life is a process of learning oneself and every oneself because we are one self and so selflessly we serve all when we look within with honesty and compassion and then extend that inner lens to the eyes we encounter. I made mistakes. I drifted away from my center. I have made mistakes. I am learning, though. I am healing. Everyday is another chance to get it right this time.


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