3 Monkeys [Free Write]

2 Jan

Both: predetermination and free will. An either/or, mutually exclusive inquiry is il-equipped to deal with metaphysical gradients. Truth is soiled by the logical 1 0 0 1 0 circuitry arguments for an either/or world predetermined/free willed world.

I say, both. The universe is both predetermined in space and elastic in time. the fabric of the interwoven fibers of space-time also meshes the appearance of permanence (qi, human nature, not eternal but rather timelessness, or outside the bounds of time.)

Tonight at dinner, I said something and then my friend said “3 monkeys” and I just rolled with the expression I hadn’t heard before. Later explained, three monkeys left alone in a room with typewriters will finally get the magical screenplay written just right.

Timing and combinations. That’s what it’s about. There is a predetermined certain set of possible combinations. But as time goes on, the number of potential combinations increases in its sequence in a series. Elastic. Like the String Theory. Predetermined and like silly putty flexible through the push/pull pulse of a strong will.


One Response to “3 Monkeys [Free Write]”

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