We Are All Misunderstood [free write]

19 Jan

Imagine: you are guiding your raft down an unfamiliar river. There are other rafts surrounding you: each raft is carrying one individual, and altogether creates a brilliant sight for the sore, omnicient eye; a ribbon of rafts speckles the waving ribbon steaming currents under currents of turquoise water, glistening with flints of flaxen filament like seeds of rhizome unconsciousness’.However, you are aware that the commoradery of the ‘one-for-all-all-for-one’ community spirit is a facade. The navigator of each raft steers steadfastly into the direction  oared and willed into destiny. Or, at least, prevents the door of destiny from shutting without lacerating the duration of opportunity to pass through a gate towards destiny.

There is a fork in the mainstream, presenting a choice:  to conserve energy by continuing with the momentum of current and detaching oneself from curiosity, or to turn your back towards the sense of community and face the unknown head on, steer with more force and less progress down the forked tributary, attach and align oneself with the mystery and adventure, and detach from the you that is reflected in the unconditional loving eyes of others.

Human nature conserves energy. Choice one wins nearly every time: detach from the curiosity of a whole new world and continue down the familiar, mainstream.

To ask a human to defy our common nature and steer with greater exertion of resources only to see less progress made is not inherently reasonable, only made so through the sound scape of labyrinthine, logical rhetoric.

The Daoist tradition values detachment as the ultimate tool towards enlightened nirvana and selfless living. Detaching from mandated systems or tasks tied to our development and identities in these consumer/commodity bionic lives we live rarely receive the recognition of wise or sagely; unfortunately not, and quite the antithesis, those who detach from the lonely tributary and unknown winding road  are called delinquents–on a steady downward stream, trading dying for living through comfort daily.


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