Directionally Challenged Organisms

22 Jan

The second-hand on a clock can not see how the minute hand is related to itself.  Both pass around face and space of time, breaking the eternal return down into ticker tape segments. The curvature of the earth is seen as vanishing horizon, a line that exists only as an illusion.

Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection outlined in The Origin of the Species is represented by The Tree of Life, an interconnected temporal, intertwined  diorama of consecutive mutation and adaptations towards survival. There was a first organism. From two organisms, the third and third millionth and so on can be drawn and tied together in relation by simple lines. However, the first organism stands alone. It seems to me that Darwin did not tackle the issue of God in his theory. He simply left the genesis the first organism wide open.

I had more to say but the gat of a gunshot just rang really close to my window. enough for now. It’s all about survival.

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