Chalking up dust from quantum inquiries [free write]

7 Apr

Motion and position of atoms stir the properties which we perceive as sensory data: smell, taste, sound, light, our senses are instruments that translate the wind-whipped chaos of atoms in the environment into the experience of reality which we perceive.  Let it be known: atoms have no innate properties tied to sense. Reality is loosely a construct of shadows (perception) of illusions (sensations created through atoms’ movement and change of positions) of the immutable idea of the unknown.

We play games in domains and come to a consensus of methods about how to play the game. Athletes report the experience of ‘being in the zone’. That is, loosing a sense of self and maintaining focus while time passes like quicksand. I dare to open the following can of metaphysical worms: Moving a ball (think, atom) through space on a team that MOVE the POSITION of both themselves and the ball  are unable to be subjective and removed from the experience, for they are a breathing unit like gusts of wind and together create the magic kinetic spark of sensation. The loss of the sense of self is a tale type indicator of artists, scientists, athletes and creators; perhaps ‘the zone’ is our natural state, like the energy we were before we were born and we will become after we pass, and the dissolution of our ego and I limited by the very consciousness in out fingertips makes we for us to reunite in this life with the existence of the greater everything. The space between, the energy, the love.

Just some thoughts in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Decided to write them down.

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