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6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

17 Jan

I too have dreams. Below is a update of a few recently created BeMused by Design graphic designs that mirror that transcendent place:

President Obama at USC

8 Dec

President Obama visited the University of Southern California on his tour of colleges. His entourage included but was not limited to: Barbra Boxer (D-California), Jamie Fox and a rock band ensemble.

As a USC student, I was able to make my way through the crowd and attain a prime patch of grass for viewing the rock concert–I mean, president’s speech. I voted for Obama, and I still support Obama today; however, I was extremely disappointed to see the attention of so many people be squandered with bread and circus entertainment before Obama spoke, and the further squandered of any opportunity to educate the voters with non-partisan information to prepare us to vote is a just system.

The following picture I was able to salvage from my camera phone:

Under the Bridge

31 Jul

Portland, OR

The City of Roses

Under the Bridge

BeMused by Design [Graphic Showcase]

21 Jul

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Harmony of Dissonance

18 Jul

My Mandala: Listening Inside For Melody from Ripping

Straight Lines Don’t Occur in Nature

11 Jul

Straight Lines Don’t Occur in Nature

BeMused by Design, Graphic Showcase

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BeMused Design on Adobe’s Featured Blog Website!!

23 Jun

Thank you to any and all of those of you out there who have supported the energy I put into design -be they visual or ideological. BeMused was recently featured on Adobe’s design website as a Featured Blog. Check it out!

BeMused Featured on Adobe\’s Featured Blog Site

~Emily (Creator, BeMused Design)

Self Portrait Painting

22 Jun

“Free door” read the cardboard sign wilting and weathered against the blank white expression of the orphan item on the side of the road.

My motions followed through in this sequences: adoption, expression, capture a picture of the painting in progress, recreated the piece through a multiple exposure of that photograph with a graphic I designed of the eye of hours: a continuously evolving self-portrait that’s changed, change and changing.

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Grape in the Shade

2 Jun

BeMused Design Showcase, May Flowers

Stumble Upon This!

30 May

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I have a big heart and a broken keyboard.

29 May

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“Birds”, BeMused Graphic Gallery

23 May

Ancient Wisdom in Four Mantras

17 May

Extracted from Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements, a Toltec wisdom guide that heavily influences my lifestyle and perception.

Graphic Design Showcase:Spring Flowers

6 May

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Burning Couch

2 May

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