Ideology? Theology? I Dance.

Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Mythology: Pathways to Bliss is one of the books that has significantly impacted how I practice my lifestyle. In his book,  Joseph Campbell recalls a symposium of religious leaders and scholars in Japan, wherein a religious scholar from New York poses a question to a Shinto priest, saying:

“We have seen many of your temples and ceremonies, but I cannot find your theology or ideology.” The Shinto priest thinks for a moment then responds, “I think we have no ideology or theology…we dance.”

The very beggining of my spiritual search started with mythology, and last night I finished a Tibetan book  that concluded the very same thing. At the time I read the dancing bit originally, I didn’t quite understand but I knew it was important so I tucked the peice in my memory bank, and here and now I pull it out, brush the dust off, and boy does it summarize everything beautifully.

Mythology and dance form a distinct and unwavering relationship. They are two of the world’s oldest art forms and share similar motifs. Mythology unceasingly inspires artists across the globe.

Human beings, vegetables, or comic dust,
we all dance to a mysterious tune
intoned in the distance
by an invisible player
– Albert Einstein

4 Responses to “Ideology? Theology? I Dance.”

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