Sedimentary Word PlayGround

Typing these letters is contained in the streaming present tense. Tense and wobbly, pushing themselves by sheer will of conscious inertia. Pushing forth, across the  screen, interacting with eyes, scanning and dissecting the word, the metaphor-metaphor, these sound symbols. To the literate these words embody conceptual significance, and to the illiterate reader (pardon the oxymoron), these letters mean absolutely nothing at all, nothing at all juxtaposed atop an invisible everything.

These letters, morpheme, phones, sound symbols and hieroglyphics, are for future eyes only: by the limits of human ability, and by the perseverance of cyber space to permeate the motion of blinking eyes, for how ever long this blog should exist.

These letters are an exploration of these letters into the processes and concepts that have cultivated the clocked and mysterious state of decoration modern language has rendered them today.

Let the exploration in etymology begin!

One Response to “Sedimentary Word PlayGround”

  1. vinette May 10, 2010 at 5:03 PM #

    interesting! more on etymology in future? great blog, congratulations.

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