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InsEYEd My Lens

13 Aug

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Make the Road By Walking, 2010

BeMused By Design© Showcase

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BeMused by Kalidoscopes

8 Aug

BeMused by Design ©

Gallery Showcase 2010

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Harmony of Dissonance

18 Jul

My Mandala: Listening Inside For Melody from Ripping

Deep Breathing, BeMused by Design

18 Jul

Deep Breathing

Dream Journal Free Write

13 Jul

Pandora’s Box. Russian Doll. The maze I got lost in when I was 4 years old.

This dream is similar to those things and experiences.

Woke up, by alarm, ordered body to drag itself out of bed, put contacts in, and the body followed orders. I woke up, realized the first dragging was an illusion and I was still under covers eyes closed and all. I dragged myself up out of bed. I woke up, I realized I twice dreamed the illusion of this moment and woke up, initiating morning routine, for real, unsuctioned my eyes from the resistance of a sea muscle, latching lids, did my morning routine. I woke up, realized it was an illusion. Realized I was dreaming illusions. Despite my dream determination, the inability to turn off this cyclic entrapment inside the dream persisted, repeating waking up and reawakening up and reawakening up until another alarm went off an hour later. I got up, and have yet to wake up again from this potential illusion of a dream morning.

Why was this dream an echo of itself? Before I fell asleep videotape streamed against the green screen that is inside of closed eyes, remembering my earliest memories, dreams and nightmares. Some memories I realized what felt like the first time since they occurred: a wild experience. I closed my eyes sometime after midnight, and when I reopened then it was 1:40 am, and all of those memories and emotions parachuting them had been running for about an hour. I recall smirking to myself, because I fall asleep to The Office to distract such distractions at night. I put on the office, Gay Witch Hunt (one of my all-time favorite episodes) and coaxed myself to sleep.

Independence Night

4 Jul

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When the hypocrite becomes aware of their simultaneous truths and living contradictions, does the power vested in that knowledge position transform the hypocrite into an ingenuous being? Or is a hypocrite validated and realized just  alright with settling with a puff instead of a gust when blowing out the birthday candles?

I don’t enjoy staying drunk because I don’t remember what triggered me to ponder the above inquiry, just a few moments ago. Regardless, tonight was fun, and by an large, I tend to experience holidays are 90% hype, 10% fun. Tonight way good. And blowing explosives up aside, I am forever indebted to the people who are serving the country in the military during a time of war. The courage and selflessness is beyond my comprehension. These are my peers. We are one generation. They are there so I am here, feeling as free as I allow myself to feel. Thank you.

Once again, the greater Portland Metro Area flocked to Downtown Portland to watch the fireworks show show under the Morrison Bridge by the Willamette River, and then go out to the bars (or take the stroller ride through the fountains and back to the mini van in the Smart Park.) What a neat commonality a national holiday is: celebrating identity based on current location and identification with one country brings together all of the divided persons in the United States. No matter the age, and no matter the language, we the people watch the fireworks display and we the people enjoy the festivities: both in our individual ways, and together.

The Rose Festival and the Blues Festival, volunteering at the central library and hikes in the national parks nested inside city boundaries, have brought me my camera (and good company, shoutout) into Downtown Portland quite frequently this summer. The above photographs I have taken, so are a scent of the city of roses.

Philip Selway of Radiohead [By Some Miracle]

3 Jul

Listen to the pre-release of “By Some Miracle”, the opening track of the forthcoming album Familial. Sound familiar? Yes, that pun is intended, and yes, the familiarity is to the sound of Radiohead, as this song is written and preformed by Radiohead artist Philip Selway.

By Some Miracle--Philip Selway

Ode to the Right Hemisphere

26 Jun

The following Idea Worth Spreading shared at a TEDx conference moved tears to my eyes. I find it meaningful, and I hope for anyone else who watches this, meaning can continue to flow from this shared experience. A little over a year ago, I experienced a concussion to a similar part of my brain as Jill Bolte Taylor, and I personally relate to some of the sensation and experiences in the aftermath of head trauma Taylor describes. She tells her personal story in a moving way, and it inspires me to continue to individuate and strengthen my own resolve and voice as well.

Jill Bolte Taylor\’s Stroke of Insight

Also, this famous neuroscientist I first was exposed to a few years ago in a Cognitive Psychology course popped into my life again today. He’s kind of like Steve of Blues Clues, but with neuroscientific riddles.

Ramachandran on Phantom Limbs, Synesthesia, etc.

Electronic remix TLC- Unpretty ft. Regina Spektor [TGIK Remix]

9 Jun

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps [TGIK Remix]

∞  – {BeMused Stamp of Approval, I love painting to this song}

Electronic remix TLC- Unpretty ft. Regina Spektor [TGIK Remix]

Hopes and Fears- Fill The Spaces Up With Days [TGIK Remix]

Passion Pit Sleepy Head – [TGIK Remix]

Neon Clock & Italian Peas

31 May




Stream of Consciousness [Free Write Poetry]

3 May

Transition is the space between.

Start at point Q1 and move through space until the quest has resolved Q1 and here we are now at Q2.

The question begot another question. Pause. Retention of breath, And Move Again.

Start at Q2, pace through space, destiny and destination share a common root, and I must have been daydreaming or waking while sleep walking in a spiral, because I see Q3, have the experience of Q1 and Q2 inside of me in the nature that is the nurture and cultivation of experience.

Retention. Liminal. Sway, sway (there are strong winds blowing back and forth and back and…) fall into the gap. Falling through the gap.

Co-articulate falling through fall into I am inside the gap and I am no longer searching, I am alive and being as present as present, slipping seamlessly like the silhouette shadow of a sun rise and fall dawn to dusk until the next twilight when a bright eye beams at the star light dusting the cutout tree scenery and I think to myself: life is beautiful.

And I feel myself alive and life is beautiful and I am full of the beauty around me because it is me and I am it and it is beauty and I am from the same grains as the snow topped mountain never seen or touched or the secrets the exist unbeknownst to the skies that reside on the dark side of the moon.

And I know that I know that I feel my imagination traversing the unexplored drawing a map of the secret rhythm and sacred geometry that lies beneath the illusion of an oasis and I feel symbol and significance escape with every exhalation and I am an intentional being and my life is bountiful and rich with meaning and it is true because I have faith that I believe it is so.

Science vs. Conscience

6 Apr

The Faraday paradox (or Faraday’s paradox) is an experiment that illustrates Michael Faraday‘s law of electromagnetic induction. Faraday deduced this law in 1831, after inventing the first electromagnetic generator or dynamo, but was never satisfied with his own explanation of the paradox.

The scientific method juxtaposes the very logic of the scientific method. Yet again, science proves truth, and science proves truth (simultaneously) false.

The scientific method is a strong, and more or less credible way to understand the state of now: for what we know, we do the best we can, in the process, of understanding, what we know, but have yet to concretely realize.

Albeit, Truth is Change. A testament to history and history’s testament exemplifies that, yes, Truth Changes.

Change, naked and alive, change alone and change–nothing more, forever more, no truth proves itself again legislative time and intentions:Truth IS Change.

And Change is Truth too.

Reciprocity is the good feeling generated in the exchange of equality: a flex and reflex with no splash, true to the nature of itself, truth, in the exchange, change in the exchange, that good true feeling.


18 Mar



Tagging the Production of Culture

15 Mar

Quick–divert your eyes. Look up.

Do you see  the vice gripping the voice you express? Freedom of speech arguments assert the freedom for content and unadulterated, unregulated word choice–the content.

Open content is one form of freedom. There is no denying the importance of freedom of speech so far as content is concerned. However, the structure and function surrounding the content defines and determines how loudly and lasting expression of content, free as free can achieve, will ring.

Mediated Horizontal Mode of Communication.

Familiarize yourself with the term because this concept creates the carvernous walls insulating the free expression with inward echos: ringing, rung, hung in the air, faint and fading, whispering, stagnant, silent, feeble, falling and flattened intonation, dead. Fin.

One must know the limitation to cross the limitation into the new frontier. What is beyond the horizon is dependent upon our consciousness as one mind. Branch out, dance and sing: today is only as free as the conscious inertia we enacted yesterday.

The following list are the global tags, conglomerates of topics relevant the present as the present passes and future finds itself here once again:

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