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Recognizance out of Order [free write]

21 Dec

To recognize, one must have a cognizant memory of a prior encounter.

The current of linearity pulls tides of time, impairing true vision as blinders focus a horses panorama. The wild is tamed and can now act; the wild is focused; the wild is not subject to its own reactions.

Granted, I have never seen a wild horse. And yet, the spirit of the wind and the wild horse are part of the grab-bag of things I already knew before I was born. To know them upon here-say without witness is blind faith. Is a shareholder in the testimony of miracles. Is devout intuition. To recognize, one may have a cognizant memory of a prior encounter; however, one may also have a conviction of blind faith founded not a leap and a feeling, and so it seems the premonition may precede the first cognizant encounter and like a de ja vu, position the encounter to produce a familiar resonance.

What is relevant wears reality’s mask. An illusory masquerade: we cannot see what is not relevant, that which we do not understand and have little or no exposure or experience with. How many eyes are you looking through in one situation to build a composite, omniscient perspective of this collective encounter? A new idea, friendship, understanding, self-discovery means awakening a detail in this compartmentalized world from its appearance to ourselves. Means awakening one idiosyncratic, break in the pattern bursting the seams of the familiar like harmony from dissonance, like a beach ball from underwater like a spirit from the struggle, like liberty from laze faire lifestyle. Alive from living.

I can’t sleep tonight. There was a strange charge and surge of energy wild within me after the lunar eclipse. I free wrote it out. Goodnight, moon.

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