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Ten Day Reflection

12 Sep

BeMused By Design © Showcase Gallery 2010

BeMused by Kalidoscopes

8 Aug

BeMused by Design ©

Gallery Showcase 2010

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BeMused by Motion

30 Jul

BeMused Design on Adobe’s Featured Blog Website!!

23 Jun

Thank you to any and all of those of you out there who have supported the energy I put into design -be they visual or ideological. BeMused was recently featured on Adobe’s design website as a Featured Blog. Check it out!

BeMused Featured on Adobe\’s Featured Blog Site

~Emily (Creator, BeMused Design)

Self Portrait Painting

22 Jun

“Free door” read the cardboard sign wilting and weathered against the blank white expression of the orphan item on the side of the road.

My motions followed through in this sequences: adoption, expression, capture a picture of the painting in progress, recreated the piece through a multiple exposure of that photograph with a graphic I designed of the eye of hours: a continuously evolving self-portrait that’s changed, change and changing.

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8 Jun

  • Free will: intention, intensity and purpose from within  accelerates mass into energy that propels gears; in essence, we put ourselves in motion, intentionally.

  • Predetermination: We are moving from forces within and beyond ourselves, accelerated or weighed down by gravity of emotions or environmental circumstance from electromagnetic jolts or pulls. In this way, we move in the rhythm of a schema and script unconsciously. Our bodies are battery like packets of energy, positive and negative and perhaps love guides us to find the opposite charged half that balances the capsule we were born into.

BeMused Design, Man or Machine

Neon Clock & Italian Peas

31 May




Stumble Upon This!

30 May

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Photo Ring

28 May

Banana Flash- Widgets – PhotoRing.

BeMused “Mess Around” on YouTube!

14 Apr

New Batch of Graphics

14 Apr

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Excerpt from Poem #6 (Dream Poem) Assignment

Eye Stand Level when Eye UnderSea

5 Apr

Drops in the Bucket Through the Eye that Lies Beneath Sea Level


18 Mar



BeMused Graphic Design: Workin in Progressing Graphic Slideshow

13 Mar

Bemused Graphic Design: Sound.Shape.Form.

Graphics Bypass Gray Matter

9 Feb

Adobe Illustrator, and no template used save my imagination.

Today’s creations between classes:

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