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Debunk the Phenomenea

28 Aug

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Under the Bridge

31 Jul

Portland, OR

The City of Roses

Under the Bridge

BeMused by Motion

30 Jul

BeMused by Design [Graphic Showcase]

21 Jul

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Deep Breathing, BeMused by Design

18 Jul

Deep Breathing

Straight Lines Don’t Occur in Nature

11 Jul

Straight Lines Don’t Occur in Nature

BeMused by Design, Graphic Showcase

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Paradox in Boxes

28 Jun

Paradox in Boxes

A BeMused by Design Production
Music by Devotchka, "How it Ends"


8 Jun

  • Free will: intention, intensity and purpose from within  accelerates mass into energy that propels gears; in essence, we put ourselves in motion, intentionally.

  • Predetermination: We are moving from forces within and beyond ourselves, accelerated or weighed down by gravity of emotions or environmental circumstance from electromagnetic jolts or pulls. In this way, we move in the rhythm of a schema and script unconsciously. Our bodies are battery like packets of energy, positive and negative and perhaps love guides us to find the opposite charged half that balances the capsule we were born into.

BeMused Design, Man or Machine

Grape in the Shade

2 Jun

BeMused Design Showcase, May Flowers

Stumble Upon This!

30 May

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Photo Ring

28 May

Banana Flash- Widgets – PhotoRing.

Ancient Wisdom in Four Mantras

17 May

Extracted from Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements, a Toltec wisdom guide that heavily influences my lifestyle and perception.

Besheret*Universal Flowering, Multiplied and Exposed

12 May

Multiple Exposure of Besheret (BeMused graphic design with LiveBrush and Picasa)and Heads by Pavel Filonov. Together, Space, Soul, Universal Flowering.

Graphic Design Showcase:Spring Flowers

6 May

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Fiber & Fabrics

1 May

Fiber & Fabric

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