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Hypocracy Euthanasia free write

15 Nov

Poor unaware hypocrisy you

union of fools, unaware & uncouth

ideal held high with pinkies in air

yet behavior befuddled and the disparity glares

hypocrisy youth

gifted economically lifted

out of whack perspective

a far out echo of a cry for equality

a far out echo of a cry bleating mechanically programmed lips forms bleating proclamations for an end to hunger and homelessness and pity

morally impoverished hypocrisy youth

false sense of security teamed with terrified existence startled shadows silhouette the scared scar calloused essence of your existence, jump Stain jump cellulite jump discomfort jump neighbor jump siren jump nightfall, jump what will i be when i grow up jump back into reality and awaken a basic sense of sharing compassion or a tinge of a sentiment of relativity perhaps no more no less than a hue of humility factored into the matrix calculated emancipated yet fully grown perspective jaded retina vision, i plead awaken, hypocrisy you, you who run and will run the next generation, hypocrisy you, you are ever so unexperienced and always are confused on the meaning of truth, let me clarify your truths are your opinions, shall i extrapolate- no man need make room for your comfort and no man need be asked to conform to your consideration of self, only self, always self, what an empty, lonely, blissfully contented numb and unaware existence, hypocrisy you.

Active euthanasia through pandemic paradigm of passive hypocrisy you, transparent youth, privileged transparency contradicts opaque introspection having made my shattered glass a mosaic not born into stained illusory reality, yes, i truley do see, hypocrisy you.

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