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BeMused by Kalidoscopes

8 Aug

BeMused by Design ©

Gallery Showcase 2010

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BeMused by Design [Graphic Showcase]

21 Jul

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Grape in the Shade

2 Jun

BeMused Design Showcase, May Flowers

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30 May

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Gayatri Mahamantra

16 May


Besheret*Universal Flowering, Multiplied and Exposed

12 May

Multiple Exposure of Besheret (BeMused graphic design with LiveBrush and Picasa)and Heads by Pavel Filonov. Together, Space, Soul, Universal Flowering.

Hint: Invisible Quotient

4 Apr

Adam Lives in Theory

Stitch. Pink. Seam. Prick.
Hole. Chrome. Harvest. Nourish. 
Cyclic. Elliptic. Spiral. Sound. 
Rise. Balance. Beam. Yellow.  
Up. Reveal. Rebel. Revel. 
Autumn. Change. Rain. Bridge. 
Build. Bricks. Cement. Source. 
Helium. Return. Loom. Fiber.  
Weave. Courage. Strength. Grow. 
Grains. Memory. Silent. Past. 
Before. Beyond. Sing. Dance. 
Old. Blue. Croon. Shift. Wheel. 
High. Duck. Revolve. Sow. 
Round. Deep. Slow. Lost. Blue. 
Truth. Honor. Awe. Hum. 
Explore. Temple. Quick. Sand. 
Pure. Clean. Stainless. Ring. 
Eye. One. Bell. Wind. 
Chime. Arise. Vibe. Ring. 
Hurricane. Curves. Gust. Vector.
Dynamo. Breath. Family. Funeral. 
Infinity. Relax. Tenses. Divide. 
Slip. Sound. Memory. Crack. 
Gaps. Blur. Unite. Heal. 
Story. Inhale. Past. Exhale. 
Future. Breathe. Grain. Wind. 
Lost. Found. Present. Now:
Stitch. Stance. Space. Appear.

Free Download: BeMused Desktop Backgrounds

20 Mar

BeMused Graphic Design: Free Desktop Backgrounds

~ Compliments a la BeMused Graphic Design
(click on link to choose desktop background of choice
and download)…!

Cosmogony, Capitulating

21 Feb

Image made on aviary.com. Yesterday, I discovered this multimedia platform with functions similar to basic abilities of adobe cs4. I found a new friend in this website, below and behold, my first trial image:
  • cosmogony
    • 1690s as “a theory of the creation;” 1766 as “the creation of the universe,” from Gk. kosmogonia “creation of the world,” from kosmos “world, universe” (see cosmos) + -gonia “a begetting.”
  • cosmo-
    • a combining form meaning “world,” “universe,” used in the formation of compound words: cosmography; in contemporary usage, sometimes representing Russian kosmo-, it may mean “outer space,” “space travel,” or “cosmic ray”: cosmonaut. Compare astro-. Origin: Gk kosmo-, comb. form of kósmos cosmos
  • capitulation
    • 1530s, “an agreement,” from M.Fr. capitulation, from capituler “agree on specified terms,” from M.L. capitulare “to draw up in heads or chapters, arrange conditions,” from capitulum “chapter,” in classical L. “heading,” lit. “a little head,” dim. of caput (gen. capitis) “head” (see head). Meaning narrowed by mid-17c. to “make terms of surrender.”

Night, street, lamp, pharmacy

15 Feb

Night, street, lamp, pharmacy

– Alexander Blok (1880-1921)

Night, street, lamp, pharmacy,

A dull and meaningless light.

Go on and live another quarter


Nothing will change. There’s no

way out.

You’ll die, then start from the


It will repeat, just like before;

Night, icy ripples on a canal,

Pharmacy, street, lamp.

10 October 1912

Apotheosis of War


Graphics Bypass Gray Matter

9 Feb

Adobe Illustrator, and no template used save my imagination.

Today’s creations between classes:

Tibetan Mandala, Redacted

3 Feb

Another split second between classes leads to  Illustrator, Adobe and my merry reunion. The image on top is the end of a process, beneath it is the same image cropped and slightly smoothed using Google Picasa application, the middle image being a snapshot of what the mandala looked like halfway through, and the bottom image the prototype I started with (google image: mandala) and manipulated using Illustrator. My image of the day (A mandala, remastered):

The backside of time grinding space

The Image I Found and altered using Adobe Illustrator

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