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Free Write

27 Nov

My entire life

I am searching for a place to call home

and what I have found

is the sense that I have been there before

and blindly I march forward

captive on the wheel of time

captivated by the changing reflections

following the direction of my pointed intuition.

I would die for a place to call home.

The type of stability

that I will only


find when I die.

I keep looking towards other people and place

and things to satisfy the balance and justify stability

but I am alone enough for myself

and balance belong to me alone

but I keep looking none the less.

Alone in the cold windy night.

I can love myself and that will shine,

but to sit in the heat

and find comfort in the warm glow, the home.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub)

25 Nov

The fact that a producer can dabble with stems of a song and layer it with basslines and electronic melodies to create a new experience that sets it apart from the original track is quite exhilarating. Having said that, not all songs should be remixed. There are songs whose melodies are so profound to its musical core, and the emotional core of the listener seeking comfort in them, that changing the original formula by the slightest usually results in utter shit. Knowing this, producer Das Kepital has impressed us with the way he subtly rerub’ed one of our favorite songs from 2008.

To celebrate thanksgiving, here at The Music Ninja we want to thank you so much for your daily support and while we can’t invite you’all for an actual dinner, we have a warm and delight rerub of Bon Iver‘s most recognizable tune ‘Skinny Love’ for you to feast on.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub)

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

19 Nov

A glimmer of the sort of stuff that mental masturbation is made of. Full podcast streaming and available for download below: Philosophy Bites presents Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

It seems as though plato thought change was a sign of illusion. its as if the real world existed behind the change, the illusion of puppets, and was timeless: an immutable form of the real thing.

Respect, Finding Out What it Means to Me [Twilight Free Write]

19 Nov


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What is respect on a chemical level?

Why do cultures appropriate this idea and base the norms and balance by its way?
Nature. Respect is the nature of communication, an expressed form of transformation and transmutation.
Energy cannot be created. Energy cannot be destroyed. Reciprocity. The ultimate law of nature.
It’s elastic. And it moves in tambour, twisting inward and stretching harmoniously like a yawn two ways outwards.
A breath. Life–mine, yours and Life eternal–is the measure of a moment, a breath: reciprocity.

River Rise [India.Arie]

13 Oct

BeMused by Design

River Rise by India Arie [Testimony Vol.2: Love & Politics]

There was always
A power I could feel
It was guidance to tell me the way to go
But nowadays I feel like can’t hear that voice
I’ve been flying blind
I need you to come and be my eyes. (be my eyes)
River Rise
Carry me back home
(I cannot remember the way)
River rise
Carry me back home
(I surrender today)
I was always
A charmed flower child
I would sit for hours
And listen to the sky
But nowadays I feel like I don’t have that choice
I’ve been looking down in desperation
I need you to be my inspiration yeah
(My inspiration)
River rise
Carry me back home
(I cannot remember the way)
River rise
Carry me back home
(I surrender today)
I bow down
And I humble myself
I can’t do this
Lord I need your help
All the material things
They feel like chains
If you’re not here beside me
You’re the reason I see
(Help me to remember the way)
I surrender
Help me to remember
Only you can show me
(Only you can show me the way)
I surrender
(I surrender today)
You are the only way
Lord, I need you.

Free write Fortune Inside Free Design Cookie

11 Oct

Yesterday was absurd. One of many mantras and designs to be included in the mandala I am manifesting for my OT Creativity Workshop Course Project. Also, a sneak peak of some of the graphics for the mandala design compiled as a motion picture. Or, “movie” as the kids say these days.

Sky Bound [Freely, She Writes]

29 Sep

The View From My Stoop: Tonight's SunsetI am sick. Moments slur.

But nothing really matters,

to me, anymore.

Nature’s subtle humility soothes

static air and releases me into

a peaceful state.

The sunset tonight illuminates

the essence of harmony.

Sublime and beautiful:

a perpetual fluxes, trailblazing forever.

Pastel tulips bloom, gentle and graciously screening

the south side of clouds

with reflected light. The living sky

yawns incandesence and serenity

shimmers like a tapestry

of diamond mist.

Jump Up In The Air And Stay There_Erykah Badu Ft. Lil Wayne

27 Sep

Jump Up In The Air And Stay There

[Erykah Badu Ft. Lil Wayne]

Ten Day Reflection

12 Sep

BeMused By Design © Showcase Gallery 2010

Bassnectar Massive Attack [LISTEN, WATCH, DOWNLOAD]

8 Sep

Bassnectar is preparing to go on tour, and to start of a chain of Wildlife (pun–the name of the tour), he just released his latest track. Watch, listen, play and download. Oh yeah, and enjoy. You can also find this at http://bassnectar.net .

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