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Dream Journal [Free Write]

11 May

Three distinct dreams last night.

  1. I am with a friend, brushing my teeth, and the more I brush the more that seaweed falls from my mouth, intact and floating, fall like autumn leaves.
  2. I am with the same friend in a different setting. We have one can of Progresso vegetable and barley soup, the type with the wrap around blue label adorning the classic aluminium can. I unwrap and unwrap the label, knowing that something is underneath. After 3 and a half unwrap I find the hidden secret printed on the very back: a treasure map, and the adventure begins.
  3. I think of the word trepidation. I do not know the definition in my dream, but I am imagining the harmony from dissonance, internal hesitation due to unknown, unseen factors, moving in odd ways due to dark matter that you have to navigate around using intuition as an internal compass rose to see the sun. When I wake up, I look up the formal definition:

trep·i·da·tion Noun /ˌtrepiˈdāSHən/
noun: tremble, tremor, anxiety, alarm, fear

  1. A feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen
    • the men set off in fear and trepidation
  2. Trembling motion
  3. a feeling of alarm or dread
  4. Trepidation as used in the field of astronomy means an imagined oscillation of the equinoxes. It should not be confused with precession. In precession, the equinoxes appear to move slowly through the ecliptic, completing a revolution in approximately 25,800 years (according to modern astronomers).
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